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About this site

Nerd Tome is a hangout spot on the web for nerds and geeks of all races, sizes and genders. If you don't consider yourself to be a nerd or geek, you're still just as welcome as any of the above. Remember, all of us are nerds, some of us are just more comfortable(or proud) admitting it than others.

The initial idea behind the site was to create a blog to give my personal opinion on games and movies . While I searched for a decent blog script on the web I realised that I wanted the website to have more functionality than a typical blog , I wanted to create most of this on my own since I have an extensive knowledge of web development and therefore this would be a good personal test of my abilities. Instead of continuing my search for tools to pre-build my website I decideded to build this website from the ground up.

The site now consists of a blog area, review areas for movies and games, a section to list my favourite streaming clips and more. I've also built functionality into the site that will allow other trusted sources to post their reviews. At the time of writing this, the website is still incomplete, in fact I've got a few months of work ahead of me in order fully complete the idea I had in mind for this project.

The reviews and opinions on this site are personal opinions, whether they be my own or from the above-mentioned trusted sources. At present I feel that many review sites are writing reviews in order to satisfy the owners of the reviewed product(s) in order to win favor from them or they're just keeping their reviews at a certain score in order to stick to some sort of review trend. I've seen too many mediocre titles get high review scores that they do not deserve and I've seen too many decent titles getting less credit than they should. The reviews on this website are not written by professional reviewers, we're just nerds and geeks that enjoy good games and movies and wish to give credit where its due.

You may find spelling and/or grammatical errors in some of our content, if this is the case please feel free to Contact Us so that we may fix things as needed. Remember that we're only human and the site is created and maintained on a part-time basis.

Please note, that certain contents of this website may not be considered to be 'family friendly'. Some images or movie clips in some of the website sections may contain blood and gore. While I plan to keep my language as civil as possible there is also a chance that video clips, quotes, comments and content from external sources/links may contain language that some may consider to be undesirable. If you are easily offended by any of the above, please do not continue to the other sections of the website, like any webmaster I do wish to draw as many visitors to website as possible but I'd rather have a few entertained visitors than many offended visitors.

If you're still reading this wall of text, I won't keep you any longer, please go ahead and explore the contents of this site with the navigational menu above and if it's not too much trouble please invite your friends to visit this website too. 'Liking' us on Facebook or 'Following Us' on twitter will definitely help as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

4 October 2011 - 1:07  | Posted by : Blair (Webmaster)

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